An excerpt of a text written in 2015 for the MRes in Social Anthropology supervised by Tim Ingold. Published for students in the University of Alicante.

With its 6 km. of fine sand San Juan Beach is used the whole year to walk and run with the sea by your side. In winter Sundays, when there’s not so many people on the same shore because of lower temperatures, is quite a pleasure to walk barefoot on the sand. Luckily, low waves will have deposited new sand that is not still compacted and your feet will gently dip in the springy sand in every step, leaving behind a perfect trace of your pace. In fact this is a recommended exercise for recovering from a twisted ankle as you can tune up each step correctly. But this
won’t happen all along the beach, most parts will be compacted making every step an impact felt on your knees, also there are normally parts of it with a steep slope that make it uncomfortable to walk more than 300 m. Then, there’s the option of going inside the water, which is nice and refreshing for a while before freezing your feet, or climbing … Haz click para continuar leyendo el artículo completo >>>